Singapore Sling Boutique

UPDATE - This bar is now closed.

I noticed this place in Clarke Quay a while ago and I felt I just had to have a look.  I've also taken to buying pre mixed Singapore Slings from the supermarket which are manufactured by the boutique so my curiosity was aroused.

Inside it is actually a small bar which, as you've probably guessed, serves nothing but Singapore Slings, the traditional, alternately flavoured ones and non-alcoholic versions.  It was after reading an article, which rated their mocktails as some of the best on the island, that finally convinced me we had to go.  The mocktails are good, by the way, and are made to look exactly the same colour as the alcoholic version of the Sling.

There is not much to see in the boutique, other than a TV screen playing a DVD giving a bit of history about the Sling and how it was invented.  The decor though is totally devoted to the Sling as you can see in my pictures below.  Even the light fittings are made out of tiny Singapore Sling mix bottles like the small ones in the bottom picture, they look really effective as well.  The merlions are used to hold your glass of Sling as in the picture above.  So far this has to be the tackiest way I've seen a Sling be served.

You won't be spending hours here, one drink at most, but if you want an alternative fun way to enjoy a Sling besides a trip to Raffles this might just be for you!


  1. Interesting place but a bit limited! I like the row of merlions.

  2. Yes if you don't like Singapore Slings you are a bit out of luck here. The fruity non-alcoholic version is nice if a Sling isn't to your taste.


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