Cheesy German Sausage in Chinatown

Anyone who has been to Chinatown in Singapore, the UK or any of the other many Chinatown's around the world will know that the majority of people working there, running businesses there will be Chinese in origin.  So it comes as something of a surprise to come across a German sausage stall in the middle of Singapore's Chinatown being run by a Westerner.  I can remember seeing him when my fiance first came here and it has been something, for the novelty factor, that I've wanted to sample ever since.  So last weekend we did just that!

I'm not sure what bought the owner here and how come he ended up in the middle of Chinatown but he clearly does well.  Whether this be idle curiosity or perhaps a wealth of expats craving an authentic taste of home.  If that is the case I can understand that, we have our own little bit of the UK just down the road from where we live in the form of an authentic fish and chip shop run by British expats (UPDATE - January 2016 this branch is now closed, if you want your Brit style fish and chip fix you can head to Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah Road).  Read 'Fairys and Proper Fish and Chips' for more about that, coincidentally I also returned to Divine Wine last weekend as well (also mentioned in that post) and witnessed the flying fairy again.

Anyway, I digress, there are a variety of sausages you can try and we went for the sausage with cheese in and yes it was good and definitely, I would think, a rare find here.  What I had not noticed though until looking at the photo above is that the sausage stand has its own website, take a look here.

So if you fancy something a little different for your lunch and you are in the Chinatown area perhaps you should pay him a call!

Update - 20 September 2013  I'd heard a rumour that the sausage stand was no longer in Chinatown.  Having done a little more investigation I can confirm he has not gone completely just moved to a new location nearby.  Take a look at this blog post for details of where he now is for your future sausage fixes!


  1. How cool. I guess it is almost the reverse of seeing Chinese restaurants in Germany? I've never been a fan of the cheese wurst, but glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Haha yes I guess it is and it was nice to eat something totally different.


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