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And That's That

Well I've reached the end of my Singapore posts and so I guess this really is going to be the last post on this blog! I promised I wouldn't just leave the blog hanging and while it may have taken awhile (we left Singapore in April) here we are. Thank you to all of you for reading the blog, commenting on it, liking posts, sharing posts and suggesting things for me to do. I'm only sorry I didn't get to do everything on my list but I'm not sure however long you live somewhere whether you actually would with day-to-day life happening too. The blog will stay here, I've invested too much love in it over the years for it not to and I shall keep checking on it and updating it if I become aware of changes. So if you are reading this and know something to be incorrect here then please do let me know. Not being in Singapore obviously makes it difficult to keep on top of changes but I would like to be able to amend posts accordingly if, for example, somewhere has subseq

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