East Coast Sunrise and Sunset

Whilst we lived in Singapore we chose to live in the east coast area, specifically Katong. It was just chance that took us there, in fact my husband originally wanted to look at other areas but the agent he used when he first moved to Singapore took him there and we ended up living in the same condo (in different units) for our whole stay. As time went on many of our friends ended up living in that area too which was great. We got to know the area well and became very fond of our neighbourhood, getting to know many of our neighbours and feeling completely at home. Living where we did also meant that East Coast park was very close and provided us with much enjoyment in our free time.

This post was inspired by a friend of ours who lived in the area and also enjoyed visiting East Coast park, particularly for the fantastic sunrises. Our friend took some amazing photos whilst she was living there. We decided we wanted to see this for ourselves too and we went many times (with a flask of tea in hand) but I never really got around to sharing any of those photos, certainly not on the blog anyway. Whilst we never got any sunrises (or sunsets) as good as hers here are a selection of some of the photos I took from different visits.

By the way if you want to see some of our friend's photos of the sunrises and a whole load of other great photos and posts check out her Singapore blog. Just like us, her and her husband are no longer living in Singapore and now reside in India so take a look at her new blog too.

From sunrise to a couple of sunset photos


  1. Ah I sooo miss this place and my morning walks. Thanks so much for the mentions! Your photos are amazing :)

    1. No problem at all Bridget and yep it would be lovely to be back there for a walk.


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