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I moved to Singapore from the UK in July 2010, never having previously given any thought to moving and living abroad.  It was my boyfriend's job that brought us here and we subsequently got engaged and then married in October 2011 (back in the UK).

My husband actually moved here in January 2010 but we were renting a flat in the UK at the time and as the 'break out' clause of the lease was the June of that year we decided I'd remain behind until then.  This also gave me the chance to get my head around a move to the other side of the world, especially as this was not something we'd planned and discussed for months beforehand.  It just happened!  I initially took a six month career break from my job in the UK, but when it came to decision time about whether I quit my job completely or return to it I knew the right thing was to stay here.  It was hard to leave my job knowing I had nothing to replace it but I also knew I wanted to be with my fiance (as he was by that stage) and build our life and our future together wherever in the world that was.  I don't regret those decisions one little bit!    The good news is that despite being out of work for close to two years and, I admit, worrying at times that I was going to end up unemployable I finally managed to secure a part time job for myself in May 2012.  I'm more than happy it is only part time and even though it is I still have to plan a lot more now as to when I'm going to get things I need to do done.  More importantly though I've proved to myself I can get a job here and I'm sure the opportunity to work here will bring a lot of additional experiences and hopefully some fun too.

At the moment we are here for the foreseeable future, but I try not to take that for granted as so many people I've met here have already moved on.  We too nearly did the same in the summer of 2011, but another opportunity presented itself in Singapore allowing us to remain for now.  The UK will always be my home but for now at least I see Singapore as my home too.  By writing this blog I hope to share my experiences, both the good and the bad, during my time on my expat adventure here.

When I began writing this I never imagined I would receive much interest in it, other than perhaps a few family and friends in the UK keen to know what I was doing.  I'm not really sure how many people back home do read it, but through writing it I've met many fantastic people here, helped others (a little) in making the move to Singapore themselves and had wonderful opportunities as a result of it.  I thoroughly enjoy writing it and welcome any comments you may have on things you'd like to see here, things I can improve on, should stop doing and so on.

Away from blogging I'm a huge animal lover and we now have our lovely cat, George sharing our home too, enjoy reading practically anything, listening to pretty much any kind of music, show jumping, National Hunt horse racing, nights out, nights in, the supernatural and unexplained, eating and trying new food, exploring the region when we can and anything to do with history.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you'll return again.  If you are a regular reader and perhaps you occasionally comment on posts too - thank you!


  1. Hello, I'm considering moving from the United States to Singapore for a short term assignment (1-2 yrs) with my company. I have not yet been to the country and am concerned about the cost of living differences. Would you mind posting a blog about how much various things cost, grocery items (meats, veg, etc.), dining out (casual, nice dinner, cheap eats), household good (cleaning supplies, soap, lotion, etc.), clothes and cosmetics.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your message and I'll do this for you very shortly.

      Best wishes.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for this!

    I stumbled across your blog as moving to Singapore in August with my boyfriend! We made a conscious decision to move and after an exploratory trip he is the one with the job so off we go :-) Your blog really reasonates with me! Enjoying what I've read so far!


    1. Hi Hannah,

      So glad to hear my blog has helped you out a bit with your move to Singapore. I'm sure you'll have an amazing experience when you move over. Good luck with all the planning, packing etc. leading up to the move!


    2. I will be moving with my boyfriend to Singapore in August as well! He will be attending NYU Asia for graduate school. I have a few questions for either you Hannah, or Laura. Thanks!

    3. Good to hear from you too Chelsea, don't hesitate to get in touch again with your questions if you think I can help and all the best for your move!

    4. If u like to look at what some pre war residential houses are like in the heartlands area. I have found u on fb, so i will send u some pics and links to get u excited to explore again.

      1) Boon keng mrt- macnair road

      2) Tiong Bahru mrt- on tiong bahru road

      and, fort canning park - very old impressive graveyard for european settlers. Tombstones built into the wall war bunker for brit soldiers (dhoby ghaut mrt)


      Grace wang

    5. Hi Grace,

      I'd love to read more about these houses, please do send me the links and photos. As I'd love to see them for myself.

      Thanks also for the graveyard tip about Fort Canning Park too.

      Thanks again!

  3. my pleasure :-)

    I've sent u some good links via fb



  4. Hi Laura! I chanced upon your blog and after being away from Singapore for a number of years (I have been living in New Zealand and the Czech Republic), I am discovering new places for me to explore in my own home country! So thank you and I hope you are enjoying your stay in here. (sorry about the haze its really Indonesia's fault!)


    1. Hi Penny,

      Glad to hear you've found some new things to do via my blog. No worries about the haze. ;-)

  5. Hi Laura!
    Hope you’re keeping well!

    I’m Ella an avid reader and a blogger.

    Your blog Expat Adventures In Singapore is the most interesting one I have come across in the recent times, Kudos!

    Your blog awakened the writer in me I thought an article from a reader like me could be an interesting addition to your site.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Ella James

    1. Hi Ella,

      Thanks for your message about writing a guest post for my blog. I'm not currently looking for any guest bloggers I'm afraid but thanks for getting in touch and good luck with your writing.


  6. Hi!

    I am urging to live out my dream of moving to Singapore- hence enduring a troublesome and time consuming job hunt within my field. Meanwhile, I am reading through several expat blog- came across this one and received an exceptional, detailed and well-formulated insight. Back to my problem- searching for jobs aint an easy task.I completed a media and communication master's degree in England last autumn. Previous studies include a bachelor degree in journalism and creative writing and an International Baccalaureate certificate from the international school in Moscow.
    Do you by any chance have any contacts/friends or info about any career opportunities for me and job offers at the moment- even the slightest job offer, as such a long journey (live in Norway atm) without a set plan for the arrival is less tempting.
    I would appreciate any help, as I am trying to live out my biggest dream here.

    In advance I thank you so much, and in the meantime thank you for maintaining an interesting blog I enjoy following :-)

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Cecilia,

      Thanks for your message and kind words, good luck with the job hunting and your dream of coming to Singapore. I'm afraid I don't have any specific contacts in your fields that I can put you in contact with. There are, however a number of Singapore job sites you can register your CV with which will enable you to look for suitable jobs here and also get your CV seen by potential local employers. A few Internet searches on jobs in Singapore should direct you to these websites. I would definitely advise that you do that rather than coming here and looking for a job.

      Good luck and I hope you are successful in your hunt!

  7. Laura this is gggggggggggggreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look different now lol in a good way :)
    i am so glad knowing you write stuff. thank you for sharing this with me.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi, hope you liked what you read and that you'll come back again soon!


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