Ameen Makan House

We were recently invited along by friends to eat at a place called Ameen Makan House.  The eatery is actually on the West of the island (an area we aren't so familiar with) and is on the corner of Clementi Road and Pasir Panjang Road next to the very famous (so I'm told) Cheese Prata Shop.

Ameen Makan House serves a variety of food, Indian, Thai and Western dishes and came highly recommended as serving great Indian and for being very cheap.  The curry was delicious, the portions very generous and yes as we were told, it was cheap with the total bill for six of us coming to about $72 or approximately £36!  Believe me we certainly did not skimp on the food we ordered either.  I gather this is the case because it is close to the National University of Singapore and a lot of the students go there (and other places in the area I assume) to eat.  I guess just like in the UK, students love a good deal and a cheap night out!

I understand they do takeaways and deliver, but I think only in the immediate area and unfortunately we live too far away.  It was definitely crowded and cosy in there with all the people eating but as I've learnt in Singapore that is a sign of a good place to eat!


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