Shepherds Pie

Something that I've noticed is the number of people who arrive on my blog after searching for 'shepherds pie in Singapore' or a variation of that.  I guess the reason why people arrive on my blog when they search this probably comes down to me writing about a shepherds pie incident I had here not long after I first arrived.  Clearly though some people in Singapore are craving this dish and hoping they might just be able to find it.  So much so in fact that my post mentioning shepherds pie is one of my most popular reads!

Well asides from the version I had originally, which was at an Australian restaurant called Double Bay at the Raffles City shopping mall, I've since found that you can also get the traditional version in Singapore if you want it.  Just try Mulligans in Clarke Quay or the Gaelic Inns chain of pubs on the island which includes Scruffy Murphys on the East Coast and the Penny Black Victorian London pub on Boat Quay.  I've eaten this dish in all these places and whilst it may not be as good as the version your Mum made you can't go far wrong if you need to satisfy your desire for some British grub!


  1. Yum. I have never heard of Scruffy Murphy's but I'll have to check it out if it's on the East Coast.

    They do deliveries.

  3. Thanks, I recently discovered them too, I'll have to try it out at some point if they are good.


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