I did something recently that I honestly can't believe it has taken me almost a year to do, I took a trip to Mustafa's.  I'd heard lots about the place and walked past it several times but never ventured in.  My first trip was not on my own (I think I would have been completely overwhelmed if it had been) but with a friend and fellow blogger, Leone.  Huge thanks to her for showing me the Mustafa ropes.

For those who don't know Mustafa's is really, I guess, a department store set over five floors close to Little India.  I was surprised it is one store as, in my ignorance, I'd assumed it was lots of shops.  It is nice though to be able to wander around, pick things up and then pay when it is convenient for you.  Amazingly too it is open 24 hours everyday but I've been told is best avoided at the weekends as it becomes unbearably busy.

I'd heard how you could find just about anything there and although I'd kind of dismissed that it really is true!  In the time I was there I saw (amongst a load of other things), clothing (men's, women's and children's), fabric and material for sale (for you to buy and then take to your local tailor), food (fresh, frozen, meat and vegetables, including brands from the UK I don't recall seeing anywhere else, more spices then I knew existed and food goods that I honestly don't even know what they were), toiletries, cosmetics (all the well know brands), perfumes, electrical goods, luggage / bags, stationery for home and office, party decorations (paper plates, cups, things for goody bags etc), Christmas and other decorations, Singapore souvenirs (in some cases just a little tacky), candles, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, plates etc, books, magazines, linen, bedding, furniture.  I know I'll have missed out loads of things but after seeing all of this in the space of a morning my mind was swimming.  The only thing they don't have is anywhere to eat inside but with the numerous eating options around that area that isn't really a problem and it's easy to pop out for something to eat and then go back.

Obviously there are department stores in the UK and here in Singapore selling a little of a lot of things but this really was on another level.  I think what makes it a bit awing at first is the sheer amount of items they manage to fit in and therefore the huge selection of things to chose from in every section!  Whilst I can't vouch for everything it seemed that if you are prepared to shop around and hunt in Mustafa's, shopping there as well could definitely save you money. 

If you've never been I would definitely urge you to visit at least once just for the experience.  I'd suggest you go with someone who knows the place, particularly the first time, so you aren't totally overwhelmed.  As it is open 24 hours a day you don't really have an excuse not to, do you?!?


  1. love it!!!

    well written and very informative ..... I still have not managed to blog about Mustafa's.

    Glad you got to experience it and yes, always better with someone for the first visit. Your turn now to show someone else .... ha ha ha ...

  2. Haha and promptly get well and truly lost no doubt! :o)


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