Hens in the Lion City

Most of you who regularly follow this blog will know I'm getting married in October (only three and a half months to go)!!  In keeping with tradition I decided to have a hen night here in Singapore with several of my friends.  I do plan on having one in the UK too so perhaps I'm being a bit greedy but who can resist an excuse for a night out?

The evening started with cocktails and then a delicious meal at the Indochine on Clarke Quay (UPDATE - July 2020, this Indochine restaurant has since closed).  I'd eaten here before in the day but for this occasion I reserved us a table in their upstairs restaurant.  We practically had the place to ourselves and the staff could not have been more attentive.  There are several Indochine restaurants both in Singapore and elsewhere, the one on Clarke Quay is called the Forbidden City and the restaurant The Madame Butterfly.  As you enter the restaurant you are flanked by copies of the terracotta warriors and when you get upstairs you enter a sumptuously Oriental world of beautiful pieces of furniture of the big and imposing kind.  The website describes it as being 'akin to that of an ancient Chinese Emperor’s opulent abode' and it certainly gives the impression of grandeur.  Towards the back of the upstairs is a balcony overlooking the courtyard bar (where we got some fantastic photos) and up here were three people dressed in traditional Chinese opera style costumes.  They looked stunning and we were told we could have our photos taken with them.  Unfortunately though by the time we'd finished eating they'd also finished for the evening so we missed out.  The menu itself gives you both the option to choose Chinese style cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine.  It was hard to make a decision!

After we had eaten we wandered along to The Pump Room also on Clarke Quay.  I'd not actually been here before but it came highly recommended by one of my friends and turned out to be a brilliant choice.  They had, what is a common in a lot of places I've been to, a live band interspersed with a DJ.  The band were really good but, as seems to be fairly common here, were a cover band.  I would love to know of anywhere where local bands play their own music, any suggestions?  However they were, as I said, an absolutely excellent band singing everything including up to the minute covers.  Looking at the website they play every night from Tuesday to Sunday which I had not realised.  Pretty impressive!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it along for the night, without you all it would have been a bit dull!  It was a fantastic evening and one that left me with very happy memories.


  1. Hi,

    If you like to listen to local music, you can go to Wala Wala (at Holland Village) or to Timbre near Fort Canning.


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