My Afternoon With Kung Fu Panda

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to spend the afternoon at Universal Studios, Singapore.  It was only a taster but we plan to go back soon and spend the day there.  Despite that though I still managed to go on a couple of rides, see a show and take in the sights.  It was great!  It seems fairly compact which I don't think is any bad thing as it means you can probably get back to do things again or to go on something when the crowds have thinned out.  I haven't been to any of the other Universal Studios so I have nothing to compare it to (other than Disneyland in California) but my afternoon was just as much fun as my trip to Disneyland a few years back.  It's certainly somewhere that adults can have just as much fun as children.  Perhaps even a little bit more as there are no height restrictions to worry about for a start!

Of the couple of rides I did manage to get on 'The Revenge of the Mummy' ride was brilliant fun, as long as you don't mind roller coasters and plunging at an alarming speed in to a pitch black tunnel that is.  The queues were not that bad either, though I guess at the weekends and on holidays it probably gets worse.  Oh and did I see Kung Fu Panda whilst I was there?  Yes I did but there was not enough time to queue up for a photo with him - maybe next time.  I'm looking forward to my return visit already!


  1. Hello!!! I dont know how I got to your blog!
    I desperately want a job in singapore!I've been there and I just love it...I was wondering if you could give me some tips! It is very difficult to find , a job that is open not only for Singapore Citizens or PR's... What is your profession? Im a marketer with master in finance...can you give me any tips?! thank you!

  2. Firstly my apologies for taking so long to reply to you. I had a problem with the comments function on my blog and couldn't reply but happily this has now been resolved.

    I don't actually work here either and was in the fortunate position of my fiance's work bringing me here. However when I first arrived I was job hunting and it was definitely no easy task. As you've observed a lot of jobs are only available to Singaporean's and PR's, not that that is necessarily a bad thing it just makes it harder to find work.

    My advice would be to secure a job in Singapore from the UK rather than come here hoping you'll find work. Whilst I know people who have been fortunate to do this most people have secured the job in their home country (or wherever they are living at the time)first.

    Whilst Singapore welcomes foreign talent it is generally only in specific fields or if you have specific skill sets. Hence you wouldn't just be able to get a temporary job to tide you over until you manage to secure a job in your area of expertise.

    There are lots of job websites here you can register with, for example, Monster, JobsDB, and many others. I'd also suggest you identify some recruitment consultants here specialising in your field, make contact with them and send them your CV. They'll be able to help you identify possible opportunities.

    Good luck!


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