When are you notatourist ....?

When you know places to go for food as good as anywhere in the city and for a fraction of the price?  When you don't bat an eyelid at the cost of alcohol any more?  When you know there is far more to Singapore than Orchard Road and the quays?  When you understand and can use a bit of Singlish?  When you know not to mess with the Aunties and their shopping?  When you understand why there are tissue packets everywhere at the hawker centre?

Well I'm very excited to be able to tell you that the perfect site for you is now live, courtesy of the team behind NotaTourist (sadly no longer an active website) it is for you the expat community and anyone who is interested in learning more about life in the real Singapore.  Perhaps you are thinking about a move here, or have just arrived, or are dreaming of one and wanting to find out a little bit more about the place and what it is really like to live in.  Here you'll find articles and features written by expats on all manner of things and aspects of life in the Red Dot beyond the tourist traps and things that everyone knows or associates with Singapore.

The site is not static but growing constantly, full of hints and tips from people (like me).  People who are here already and know first hand what the experience is like.  The site will offer you tips right from before you arrive and a move to Singapore is just becoming a reality, to your arrival and onwards from there.

How much Singlish do you know?

Shameless plug time of course and as you may have guessed I do indeed make up a part of the contributing team, as do some of my fellow blogging friends including, LeoneKate and many other talented individuals.  Take a look at their articles too and, of course, go and discover their own blogs if you haven't already.

Me with me at the launch event for notatourist.sg

If you like what you see and have a story to share about your experiences then you too can get involved.  Just submit your story through the site (following the simple instructions) and the editor will get back in touch with you.

This really is the perfect site for the expat community and for those who really want to get to the heart and soul of what living in Singapore is all about.  Go check it out for yourself today!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I wanted to make it to the launch but I was too far away.

  2. No problem, it was a great night and a shame you couldn't make it but totally understandable!

  3. Thanks Laura for the 'plug' ... also sad we couldn't make it to the launch .... like Flora we too were 'far away'!!

    Great blog post. :)

  4. You are welcome but yes it was a real shame you both could not be there either, though your Vietnam trip looks amazing!

  5. looks like an awesome site :) will be checking it out. Expats always suss out the best undiscovered places which is why I like looking at the Expat magazine whenever I'm at a clinic or something.

  6. Great please do and hopefully you'll find some good and useful things on there too :-)


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