Pachyderms on Parade

If you live in or have visited Singapore recently I don't think you can have failed to notice the various beautiful brightly decorated elephants dotting the landscape at the moment.  They are part of the Elephant Parade which is currently in Singapore and is an open air art exhibition in support of the Asian Elephant Foundation.  The Asian elephant is sadly threatened with extinction and the Elephant Parade aims to raise awareness of their plight.  According to the Asian Elephant Foundation's website, so far with the aid of the awareness the Elephant Parade has brought to their plight, it has been possible to contribute over four million euros to various organisations and projects dedicated to the conservation of this elephant.

The elephants on parade have been decorated in various ways by celebrities, companies and so on.  Before arriving in Singapore there have also been parades of elephants in various other cities around the world including Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London and Milan.

Here are a just a few of the 162 elephants on display at various locations, both indoors and out, around Singapore at the moment.

Human by Kamol Tamsriwan
elePORT by PSA Group HR & Corporate Affairs Team
Wisdom by Amnard Sa-ngawong
Delightful Durian by Nat Posila and Ed Robinson
Delightful Durian from the other side (my personal favourite so far)
Singapore Skyline by Wanchalerm Meanpang
Hellaphunt by Ricky Gervais

Among those who have been involved in the painting of an elephant for the Singapore parade the list includes Ricky Gervais, the Singapore zoo, Leona Lewis, TANGS, former Singaporean President Mr S R Nathan, Joss Stone, Bobby Chinn, Philip Treacy and Rupert Grint.  Plus a whole load more, the full list can be seen on the Elephant Parade website.

The Elephant Parade is in Singapore until 11 January 2012 and they are well worth looking out for you as you go about your daily business or if you happen to be in Singapore during this period.  Which one is your favourite?


  1. The Delightful Durian is my favourite as well!

  2. Love the durian one and didn't realize the red one was by comic genious Ricky Gervais. Me and my bad eye sight.

  3. Just think they are lovely and love spotting them.

  4. Love the Elephant Parade, I managed to see some when they were in London

  5. It is lovely spotting them at the moment, I'll miss them when they go.


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