Tea at TWG

Best laid plans never seem to work out quite how you want them to do they?  Which is kind of how we ended up sampling afternoon tea (more like lunchtime tea) at TWG and although not our original intention I'm glad we did.  I've actually developed a real love of going for afternoon tea.  I can't say that it's because I'm British as until I moved here I rarely indulged, but now whether I'm here or the UK I always enjoy the experience if I can.  Perhaps I actually do miss dainty sandwiches, scones and cakes more than I realise!

We ended up at the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.  There are several of these tea shops dotted around the island as well as one in Japan, the UK and the USA.  We'd hoped to have one of their brunch set menu options but they are clearly very popular as the one we selected had already sold out.  So on a whim and a complete change from our original plan we ordered tea with scones, jam and cream.

The scones were warmed and very light and came with a delicious mango jam, something I've only sampled since moving here.  In the UK it usually tends to be strawberry jam.  My only disappointment was that we only got one scone each but then that is probably a good thing as I could easily have eaten way too many and certainly more than is good for me!

The tea selection is pretty impressive and with so many to try I selected something on the basis of liking the name rather than knowing anything specific about the tea.  I chose Monkey King Jasmine tea - what a wonderful name, very pleasant and not strong which is how I prefer my tea.  

After enjoying our scones and large pot of tea we left refreshed and ready to carry on with the rest of our day.  As we left we then discovered the shop where a whole range of teas and tea related items are on sale.  There were some fantastic named teas (on the names alone I was sold) and lots obviously brought out with the festive season in mind.  I have to admit that whilst I did not buy anything I did spend some time thinking of whether there were any family and friends back home who might appreciate a gift of tea for Christmas. 


  1. I had a real good experience with the food here too. It was all good though a tad expensive. But I guess that would be for the ambience.

  2. Yes it wasn't cheap but was a lovely lunch time treat.


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