Ice Cream Served Singapore Style

Whilst I was back in the UK preparing for my wedding I wrote a random list of things I wanted to do when I got back to Singapore, one of these being to sample a typical road side Singaporean treat of an ice cream sandwich.  Well technically I still have the sandwich to sample, yes that's right it really is a block of ice cream in-between two pieces of bread!  However I did try the ice cream wafer version on a recent afternoon out.


I was perhaps a little unadventurous as I had mango flavour whilst my husband had chocolate.  This despite there being the options of both durian and sweetcorn flavour.  I've been told sweetcorn flavour is good so perhaps next time.  Anyway what we had was really delicious and just what we needed as it was a hot afternoon and we'd done a lot of walking.  

What surprised me is how little the ice cream melted, despite us being outside whilst we ate them.  Usually when I have an ice cream here it's a race to eat it before it melts and drips everywhere, but not these hearty slabs of deliciousness.  By the time I'd finished there was barely a trickle of melted ice cream in the plastic bag we'd been given to hold it in and I didn't gulp it down exceptionally fast.  A treat to definitely have again, I just need to try that sweetcorn flavour and sandwich my ice cream in some bread next time.


  1. I so want to try one - they look amazing! Like the ones you used to get as a kid, when you could buy those big blocks of ice cream in the supermarket.

    Not too sure about the bread part though - especially as it always seems to be pink and green coloured!

  2. You should definitely have a wafer version they are delicious.

    Perhaps as bread here is a little sweeter to what is in the UK (at least I think so) it works well with the sweetness of the ice cream. I really must try one before long.

  3. I usually go for the bread version - Ripple is my first choice and next would be sweetcorn. Your pictures are tempting me so much :) I found the chocolate chip one very powdery somehow. Donno why.

  4. I need to try ripple and sweetcorn then - thanks for the suggestions.


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