Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer is a delicatessen style grocers and restaurant with two stores on the island.  The one I've been to on a couple of occasions is the one in Dempsey. 

It is an Australian chain but it brings to mind the deli style shops you'll frequently see in the UK with cheeses (the Dempsey branch has a whole room full of cheese), pasta sauces, jams, various breads, wines, confectionery and so on.  Basically the type of food that it is not easy to just stumble upon everywhere you go in Singapore.  This makes it all the more fun whether you are looking to buy or just browsing at what you can get there.

As well as the shop part there is also the restaurant.  At the Dempsey branch you can sit either indoors or outdoors.  The outdoors option is a great place to meet friends, enjoy a relaxing lunch and maybe a glass or two of wine.  The menu options are all delicious with an exciting choice of sandwiches and cheeses amongst other things.

They also have a branch in the Mandarin Gallery shopping mall on Orchard Road.  Again this branch comprises both a grocers and a restaurant.  The restaurant is definitely a very popular brunch option at weekends with (for the Mandarin Gallery branch at least) the need to be prepared to wait to dine the order of the day.  For this reason alone we've never managed to eat in this branch as we've not had the time to wait!  That said though Jones the Grocer is a shop and restaurant well worth a visit for all your deli favourites.


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