Hhhmm a nice glass of wine?

My fiance and I were recently went along to a wine appreciation evening organised by EnjoyWine Singapore.  This is an online forum for those in Singapore who enjoy a glass or two of wine and want to indulge that passion a little more with like minded souls. (UPDATE - July 2020, sadly no longer running.)

The evening was a very relaxed and friendly affair and an opportunity to meet some more lovely people.  The purpose of it being to enjoy pleasant surroundings, good company, a lovely meal and, most importantly, share a few bottles of wine.  Every couple had to bring a bottle of wine, they all needed to be different, but it did not matter what they were so we had a mixture of red, white and a dessert wine to finish.  Those who knew their wines then enjoyed comparing and discussing them as we ate but I think everyone enjoyed it regardless of their knowledge. 

The evening was held at Winebos (UPDATE - July 2020 now closed) on the corner of Jalan Klapa and Victoria Street and they also supplied the food, cheese and some additional wines for us to try.  There was so much food I don't think anyone could have gone home hungry. 

By the way, Winebos have just opened a new branch in Katong (my neighbourhood so lots of excuses for future visits) on the East Coast Road, Katong village.  So now you can sample their wine selection and enjoy the food there too.  I gather the steak is particularly good, take a look at their website for more details.

Whilst I'm not the most knowledgeable wine drinker I know that I do enjoy good food and good company and a glass or two of wine certainly helps to make that all the more pleasant.


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