Sunshine and (Very Heavy) Showers

Being from the UK talking about the weather is a bit of a national obsession.  The fact that the weather can change from a pleasant sunny morning to a cold, wet and windy afternoon and that with any extremes of weather the UK experiences everything goes into melt down only goes to make it a popular topic.  As I write one of the main topics of news in the UK is the heavy snow that is currently blanketing large parts of it.  That will be a bit of a contrast for me if it is still like that next week when I am going back for a visit!  Anyway here in Singapore the weather can be equally as interesting (although there is no chance of it snowing here) and the current weather has been no exception. 

There really are no distinct seasons here as we are so close to the equator.  Something I find myself already missing a little and getting into a Christmas mindset has been a real challenge despite the decorations and music everywhere.  Anyone taking a look at the weather widget on my blog could be forgiven for thinking it isn't working as it alters so little but it is and that is an accurate reflection of the weather.  Generally the temperature is high and this is accompanied by high humidity and rain storms. 

At the moment though it is officially classed as monsoon season and we do seem to be getting even more rain!  We are in what is called the north-east monsoon also known as the wet season which apparently continues to early March.  From what I've seen so far it seems that the mornings tend to be bright sunshine and then around lunchtime the heavens open, the thunder and lightening comes and this then seems to hang around for much of the rest of the day.

As well as coming in the afternoon it sometimes either comes or returns for another deluge at just the time you might be heading out for the evening or home from work.  When I arrived here in July Singapore was experiencing the south-west monsoon which is characterised by scattered showers and this fits with my experiences in that if it rained it generally tended to be a short sharp shower that quickly moved on.

I am still fascinated by how when the rain comes the island is engulfed in mist and visibility drops substantially (maybe that's the British weather obsession in me).  This is especially noticeable when you live on the 15th floor of your condo block.  Also being close to the sea on occasion I've been able to witness spectacular lightening out at sea and have almost been able to watch the storms rolling inland.  I think the best storms though are those that have happened at night when it seems to rain even harder than in the day and the flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder are almost constant.  Perhaps because it is quieter I just notice it more .....

At the moment it is a lovely sunny morning and I intend to go out shortly to make the most of it.  I guess though I shall have to get used to this current weather pattern and make sure I take an umbrella with me just in case ......


  1. I think I am still facinated by the storms and rains we have here too ..... in October 2008 (after I had been here 20 mths) I uploaded the following blog post:

    But I always have a bit of a laugh over the weather announcements...... On the radio in the mornings, they may mention something like:

    Today is going to be fine and dandy, or Today is going to be fair and fine....

    or have you heard them when there is an accident in the freeway?

    "There is a traffic blemish on the AYE"!!

    gotta love living here..... :-)

  2. Brilliant blog post and it's true people do always ask what the weather is like! The weather reports are funny I totally agree. I've actually been trying to capture some of the lightening this evening, my camera isn't great but I've managed a couple of fortunate shots! I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching it.


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