Japanese Food - Not as Scary as I Thought!

Again this is probably one of those things I shouldn't be admitting here but before yesterday I'm not sure I'd ever really eaten Japanese food.  Now I've had vegetarian sushi but I think most people (myself included) would argue that isn't really sushi .....

Those who know me or have been reading my blog will know I'm not the biggest seafood fan and yes I'll admit as a result I've avoided Japanese food on the assumption that it is basically very fish focused.  Yesterday was a public holiday here in Singapore so my fiance and I decided to go out for lunch.  Our first plan was to have a brunch style lunch but our choices on Orchard Road were both busy (mental note to make reservations next time).  Clearly everyone had the same idea and although at any other time we could have reserved and come back in an hour or so my fiance was heading off to Bangkok later in the afternoon for work so we really needed to eat there and then.  It was then he suggested Japanese and a restaurant he reckoned I'd be OK with.

I was a little hesitant but by that point I was also getting hungry and compared to everywhere else it was relatively empty so I agreed.  I'm delighted to say though that I was pleasantly surprised.  We went to a place called Kamado at 313 @ Somerset on Orchard Road which describes itself as a Japanese wood fire restaurant and this meant plenty of other options asides from fish.  In case you want to know I had Shogayaki rice with chicken, there did seem to be more rice than chicken but the fun part about having this dish was that it came in a bamboo steamer with a pretty powerful flame underneath it to keep your food warm which then heats your rice and keeps it warm.

I really can't say if this is great Japanese food as I don't have much (if anything) to compare it to.  I suspect it probably isn't high end but I enjoyed my dish and for a Japanese food newbie who is less than enamoured with seafood this was probably as good a place as any to experience it.


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