Hua Hin

Last weekend meant a nice long one for all Singaporeans (and those living here) as it was a public holiday.  So we took the chance to enjoy a short break in Thailand at the beach resort of Hua Hin. 

Hua Hin is approximately a three hour drive from Bangkok and it really seemed to take forever even though the taxi driver we had drove like a mad man but once we arrived it was definitely worth it.  As soon as we entered the resort we could see that the place was full of restaurants and bars and from the number of families wandering around was a popular place to come.  It is clearly also very popular with Westerners and has a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes as a result.  It still felt like a world away from the relative ease of Singapore but less so than the craziness of Bangkok on my last trip there.

We arrived on the Thursday evening so checked in and immediately went for a wander around ending up in a bar for a couple of drinks.  I've been to many places in Europe where locals will approach tourists in bars and restaurants trying to sell things but I don't think I've ever been approached so much as we were that evening.  If I'd bought every thing on offer there would have been no money left for the rest of the trip!  Needless to say I didn't buy anything but politely declining their wares certainly kept us busy.  Even on our first night and although Hua Hin seemed to be a fairly chilled out place it still managed in its own way to live up to the assumptions people can have about Thailand and the type of entertainment available as well .....

The weekend itself was spent relaxing by the pool, walking on the beach, exploring the town and reading some good books.  I don't usually do that and generally like to be doing things when I go to new places but for once this seemed the right thing to do.  Our hotel was right on the beach and it was lovely waking up each morning to the sound of the sea.  Of course the other main theme of the weekend was also trying some of the delicious Thai food and some crazy cocktails!  The hotel we stayed in had a roof top bar (clearly a South East Asia must have but I guess with weather as consistently good as it is here you can do that) although it wasn't as high as some I've been too in Singapore it still gave lovely views over the town.  It really was a lovely relaxing break and definitely somewhere I'd like to return to given the chance.  As we took a taxi from the airport to the resort on Thursday evening when it was time to return to Bangkok on Sunday (as my fiance had to be there for work on Monday) we decided to take a train from Hua Hin to Bangkok.  It looked and indeed was simple enough as the trains were direct but the journey itself presented a whole new adventure .......



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