My Big Decision

As those who know me personally or have been following my blog will know when I came here in July I originally joined my fiance on a six month career break from my UK job.  This was mainly because him getting the job in Singapore seemed so sudden that at first I couldn't imagine going to live abroad and whether I'd be OK etc. etc. so I guess the chance to take a career break meant I could dip my toe in but return back to the UK if it really didn't work out.

I think originally I imagined that if I couldn't get a job here I'd go back to the UK and that would be fine, but of course life never exactly goes as you plan it too!  I haven't so far succeeded in getting a job and although at times I've become a bit despairing about it I've also realised from chatting to other expats here that I'm far from alone.  However despite that during my time here, and up to the point where theoretically I was returning to the UK in January, I've had the most brilliant time and certainly realised there is so much more to life. 

The time came though when I had to decide that I was going to either cut my losses, quit my job and stay here or else return back to the UK and my job in January.  Yuck the thought of cold, wet, miserable January days was a bit of a depressing one after living here.  So after much debate and discussion I decided to take the plunge and stay here .... so I'm officially without a job for the first time in my working life!

Neither decision was easy to make of course, I miss so much about the UK that going back would have been good but in some ways it felt a bit like a step backwards after taking the plunge and coming here and also that I'd barely given myself a chance to succeed here!  Similarly I wanted to stay here to be with my fiance and continue to grab the opportunities the move here and to this part of the world has presented me with.  Something that even this time last year (and by now my fiance was busy getting himself ready for his move in January) I could not have begun to have imagined.  My life really has changed so much in the last year that if I stop and think about it all I struggle to keep up!

So the job hunt will continue and fingers crossed something will come along but in the meantime I also have our wedding to plan for and of course plenty more of Singapore to discover!


  1. Congrats on your decision! I moved here in July without a job as well so I know what you're going through...hope something comes up for you! And maybe we can catch up sometime now that you're staying!

  2. Congrats on your big decision.

    The "trailing spouse" phenomenon can occasionally lead to some depression (I know first-hand) but I think you'll figure out what works for you. I'm a new reader, but I'm betting in time you'll find a job, and I know first-hand that planning a wedding can be a full-time job all by itself.

  3. A big decision for sure, but one I hope you will be happy with .... we all have to make huge decisions thruout our lives, sometimes they work out for the better, sometimes not.

    But we make the right decision at the time and we cannot look back - only forward.

    I have been here four years and have never considered myself as a trailing spouse, I think sometimes it can be rather derogatory as we (partners) are people in our own right. Yes, we may 'follow our spouse' to the country where he or she is employed, but as our own person with our own lives as well.

    We make the best of what we have and when we can. .... and Singapore has a lot to offer. For everyone at anytime... if we come here with open eyes and open hearts.

    Enjoy your time here and hope you get a job soon, if that is what you want or need to do.

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments, I really am touched that you have taken the time to reply to my post!


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