Music and Lyrics

You'll probably only really understand this if you are aware of the film with the same title starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.  Apologies therefore if you are not and / or that just isn't your cup of tea!

Anyway since I've been here I've heard both on the radio and in shops a version of the song that Hugh's character writes for the pop star in the film called, 'Way Back into Love'.  The first time I heard it it took me most of the day to work out where I knew the song from and once I did I was a bit bemused as I wasn't aware of it ever being a hit in the UK.  In fact if I hadn't seen the film I don't think I'd know the song at all.

In the end curiosity got the better of me and I had to investigate further ..... and yes it seems that although it was never released as a CD single it was a hit in several Asian countries including Singapore where it reached number 5 in their version of the Top 40!!!

So I was kind of relieved to know I wasn't going mad but what I don't know is whether the version I keep hearing is Hugh Grant singing or someone else ...... any ideas?!?


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