Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day!!

As I indicated previously I went away and wrote out a list of all the things I wanted to do and had planned yesterday to do one of them, this being a trip to Orchard Road and specifically a shop called Antiques of the Orient (which is technically in a shopping mall in Tanglin Road) where I hoped to find something reasonable that I could buy as a souvenir of my time here.

When I finished work to start my career break they had a collection for me (which I wasn't expecting as technically at the moment I'm still going back) and had the money converted into Singapore dollars for me.  I decided therefore that I should use this money to buy something memorable and from there got the idea that maybe it should be something to reflect Singapore.  Yes I know given I've been here since July that most people would have long spent the money but I really wanted to be sure that what I bought with it was special before jumping to spend the money on the first thing I saw.  So I did a lot of homework before I came up with this shop as the place to go to find some reasonably priced items that might be just what I was looking for.

Yesterday though the rain and the thunder and lightening came and I'm afraid that was the end of the trip for me!  So the weather can ruin your plans in Singapore as well as in the UK!  Luckily apart from a quick shower this morning today was a much better day and I managed to go on my shopping trip.

In the particular mall where my shop of choice was there are numerous antique shops some I suspect with very expensive price tags but this shop was just right for me.  Lots of reproduction prints, photos, old maps etc. of Singapore, South East Asia and beyond.  I even found an old map of the UK.  What I was looking for though was a picture of old Singapore and in the end I was spoilt for choice but I settled on a picture taken in the late 1800s from the water looking at Collyer Quay.  I was so taken with the shop I can see myself going back to look for more, and even if I don't buy anymore it is the type of shop you could lose yourself in for hours browsing.

After that I was obviously on a high as I proceeded to buy several items of clothing in shops on Orchard Road before deciding perhaps I ought to quit and head home instead.  Oh well never mind!!!


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