Civil Defence Day

Today had a slightly unusual and unexpected element to it, well not totally unexpected but it would have been if it weren't for me watching TV last night.  I'm glad I was watching though or else I expect I'd still be trying to fathom what happened earlier today.

Let me go back..... I was happily watching TV last night whilst eating my tea when a message started scrolling across the screen that the island wide warning system would sound today at 12.05pm and that we should not be alarmed but should tune into local radio stations.  This intrigued me as I couldn't begin to imagine what was going to be announced in such a fashion.

Of course by the time midday today came I'd forgotten about the siren so when it went off (and sounded like invaders from outer space) there was a moment of what on earth is that, then I remembered and put the radio on.  The announcement was to remind people living here of what the siren would sound like if there was an emergency and a threat to Singapore either man made or natural and a reminder of what we should do if this did happen.  Apparently we should be going to our nearest shelter (at this point I'm thinking where on earth is that) and we should also have a book of relevant information about what to do in this type of scenario and also easy access to essential items listed within this book if they were needed.  Up until this point I was seriously wandering if the authorities knew something we didn't but they finished the announcement with a statement that it was being done as a reminder to everyone on Civil Defence Day - phew!

I found a website later this morning for the Civil Defence authorities here which has extensive information on what to do depending on where you are etc. I hope it just stays as useful information but at least if I ever hear it again I'll know what it is. 


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