Hari Raya Puasa

Friday was a public holiday in Singapore which was to celebrate the end of the month of Ramadan.  The past month really has been a colourful event where we live with decorations up on the streets and a whole host of temporary stalls set up on some grassland near us.

The stalls were selling all manner of things including carpets, food and clothing.  Every evening when fast was broken lots of people would come to browse the stalls looking for bargains no doubt.  Walking past the area now as they take down all the temporary structures I think it is going to look pretty bland for a while.

However they are setting up the grandstands and putting up the overhead lighting in the city ready for the Grand Prix at the end of the month which I think is going to be a crazy and amazing thing to witness.  Wandering around parts of the city now you already feel like you are on a race track.

We took advantage of the extra day to the weekend by going to a BBQ in the evening at a friend's condominium.  As well as having swimming pools and gym facilities a lot of the condominiums also have recreational areas which often include BBQ pits that can be booked by residents.  It was good fun though in typical holiday fashion it rained all day!!  Luckily it cleared up and as well as all the delicious food we had the local resident stray cat did very well out of the left over chicken at the end of the night!


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