My visit yesterday, to try and pursue another line in my job quest, was a bit of a disaster to be honest.  Mainly I think through a slight breakdown in communication and where as I thought it was purely an opportunity to find out a bit more about a possible role they saw it as an interview.  Cue slight panic in me due to no preparation on that basis beforehand, none of my educational qualification certificates with me or my visa documentation.  I have to be honest I wouldn't rate yesterday's experience as the best way to spend the afternoon of your birthday.  Other than that though I had a lovely day by the way with drinks and the hottest Thai food I'm yet to eat in the evening, even hotter than what I ate in Thailand I'm sure!

Anyway back to yesterday afternoon, I had a long talk with them and although if I were to pursue this I would still have to go for further interviews (so no job out of yesterday itself) I think it made me realise again why I didn't pursue that particular career path 11 or 12 years ago when I had the chance to.  Although I'm technically still thinking about it before I go back to them to say if I want to continue to pursue this I think my mind is more or less made up that that route is not the one for me.

As I said there are no guarantees of a job offer out of it as I would still have had to go for further interviews etc. but of course I still worry about whether I'm passing up on an opportunity to secure that all important job here.  However if I have learnt one thing in recent years it is that sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling.  My gut feeling here is that I would be very unhappy and my poor fiance would be the only one I could ever really vent about it to over here, not good for me or him!

On a more positive note though today I actually had an e-mail from a company who have viewed my details on one of the many job websites I'm registered with here about a vacancy within their HR function.  Whilst I am doubtless one of many they've contacted regarding the post they need to fill I feel buoyed by the fact that I have at least been made aware of the role by the company even if nothing further comes of it.  So onwards and upwards the CV and information they require has been sent off to them and what will be will be!


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