So today is my birthday.  I have to admit it really has crept up on me this year without me giving it much thought.  I'm not sure if that's because I haven't been organising the obligatory work drinks or few drinks with a couple of good friends or whether just because I've got to the age now where I'm in denial about birthday's!  Either way happy birthday to me.

I had a nice relaxed weekend, some food out and yesterday afternoon a trip to the Long Bar at Raffles for a drink.  I didn't have a sling this time as Raffles is one of the few places here you can get rose so I had a nice glass of that instead.  I shall however be doing the slings next week as I have a friend coming to stay from the UK and you can't do Singapore without a trip to Raffles hotel and a Singapore Sling can you?!

I had half made up my mind that today I wasn't going to do any job hunting, chores etc as it is a special day but later today I have a meeting with someone about possible job options.  I couldn't really turn around and say I'd rather not because it's my birthday.  It was meant to be this morning but has now been postponed until later and so now I'm in limbo of not really being able to do anything before and knowing too that by the time I've finished there probably won't be enough time to do anything either then.  Today's meeting is not related to my HR experience but something totally different so we shall see what happens.  Even if it comes good I'll still have to apply and go for an interview but I am at least out there and hopefully getting myself noticed.

Whatever the outcome of today is I'm incredibly excited about the end of the week, I mentioned before that I have a friend from the UK coming to stay and she arrives on Friday.  I really can't wait, next weekend will be crazy too as we all have tickets for the Grand Prix and then I have a week to show her as much of Singapore as I possibly can and hope I don't get lost again myself.  I think though that we're going to have a really great time.


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