Wild Honey

Going for brunch does seem to have become something of a regular event since I moved to Singapore, not that I'm complaining of course!  As I've said several times before Singapore is awash with a whole variety of food options, brunch included and it would be rude not to partake really.

One place I've heard lots about since I've been here and been keen to try out is a place called Wild Honey in the Mandarin Gallery shopping mall on Orchard Road.  We've tried a couple of times before to go but it is always incredibly busy (always a good sign in Singapore) and as you can't book in advance you have to have plenty of time on your side in order to allow for the inevitable hour you'll likely have to wait before getting a call to tell you there is a table ready.  (UPDATE 05/07/13 - just checked their website and you can now make reservations at the Scotts Square branch but not their Mandarin Gallery branch)  I guess it doesn't pay to be starving hungry when you arrive and you probably also may want to be in the mood for a mooch around the shops on Orchard Road whilst you wait!

However on our third attempt we had the time to wait and were fortunate in that we only had to wait forty five minutes to get a table (the shortest amount of time we've ever been quoted).  The place itself serves breakfast items hence it is perfect for a Sunday brunch but of every type you can imagine.  You can have an English style fry up but equally there is a Japanese style breakfast, Italian, California, Swiss, Belgian and so on, you name it and you can probably have a variety of it there!  I sampled the Italian which was a tomato, cheese and spinach omelette and it was very good.

The decor of the place is lovely too, with modern art on the walls, and retro style chairs with funky patterned coverings on them.  In the picture above you can see the retro style radio (which I loved), magazines for you to browse over whilst you munch and yes the champagne was ours too.  Well got to spoil yourself occasionally haven't you and when is it not a good time to drink champagne?!?!  Oh and by the way they have a radio station playing a great mix of music whilst you dine.  I've since discovered if you visit the Wild Honey website that you can listen to, what I assume is the same station that they are playing in the restaurant.

A thoroughly cool place with a great menu and hopefully somewhere we'll get to again, even with the wait!


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