#worldcolors #worldcolours 2014 - February - Red - What does red mean to me?

February's colour for #worldcolors #worldcolours is red.  As red was one of last year's colours and I've already shared a lot of my red photos I knew I needed to approach this month from a slightly different angle.  So with that in mind I thought about what red means to me.

Red will always make me think of Christmas, of Father Christmas and tinsel, baubles and lights twinkling and catching the light.  Red is my favourite colour and is a warm and happy colour, thinking of Christmas makes me think of cold wintry nights, cozy warm fires and blankets.  Cold weather that just makes you want to put your most comfy clothes on, watch TV and stay indoors is something I still miss.  I'm not sure now (it's been just over three and a half years) that I'll ever really get used to living in a climate as permanently warm and unchangeable as Singapore's is.  Christmas time makes me feel that all the more and so much of what is Christmas for me just doesn't suit hot weather. 

Red also makes me think of the traditional things from home like red post boxes or telephone boxes.  Though both of these photos were actually taken in Singapore and red telephone boxes are increasingly rare now, these still serve as a little reminder of home.

Of course living in Singapore red now makes me think of Chinese New Year celebrations too.  Red is a very important colour during the Chinese New Year period and red decorations, lion dances and outfits are everywhere.

As I was thinking about what red meant to me I realised it makes me think of my husband too.  I think red is one of his favourite colours, he certainly wears it a lot and has lots of red polo shirts and t-shirts.

What does red mean to you?

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  1. Hello there! That's a lovely red phone booth and are really rare in Singapore now. Where did you find this one? :)

    1. That was actually taken in Jurong bird park of all places! I'm not sure how it ended up there but I couldn't resist taking a photo when I saw it.

    2. Wow, that sure is a random place! I just might go check it out! Was it hard to find??

    3. Have to admit I don't exactly remember where it was but I guess in one of the main parts of the park so it shouldn't be too difficult to track down.


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