Red Dot Roaming - Botanic Gardens MRT

My latest Red Dot Roaming via the MRT took me to the Botanic Gardens.  Of course I've been there countless times but only once before have I taken the MRT and so entered the gardens from that side.  I tend to always go in via the entrance nearest the Ginger garden and National Orchid garden.  So I figured it would be interesting to explore that side of the gardens a little more.

Entering on this side brings you into the Eco area of the gardens and close to the Eco lake.  You are also close to the Jacob Ballas Children's garden.  Probably the only part of the gardens now that I've never been to, but one I've heard great things about.  There were some parts of the Eco garden area closed off for work unfortunately on the day I visited but still plenty was accessible.  According to information in the gardens the Eco garden area gets its name from two sources: economic and ecological.  This reflects both the many plants grown in that area of economic importance and the attempt to keep a natural feel to the landscape, particularly around the lake.

For me perhaps the best part of this side of the gardens was the area around the Eco lake.  Visiting on a week day meant it was reasonably quiet and it was lovely to watch the swans swimming gracefully in the lake.  This is certainly somewhere I could happily sit and while away an afternoon or perhaps enjoy a picnic.

My walk ultimately took me as far as the Evolution garden, a part of the gardens I've walked around several times previously.  I did, however, wander around it again as it is a fairly shady area.  The Evolution garden tells the evolutionary story of plant life throughout the ages, though somehow I always seem to walk around it the wrong way, going back in time instead of forwards!  On this occasion I decided not to walk any further and wandered slowly back the way I had come from and towards the MRT station.  Walking towards the Evolution garden from this direction includes some slight hills and though not steep, in the hot sun of that day I was in need of a drink by the time I'd finished wandering around this side of the gardens.

The Eco Lake

Given that, from the MRT station, you practically step right into the gardens it seemed very peaceful in this half.  Even when I went via the MRT before on a weekend it didn't seem as busy as the other side of the gardens sometimes does.  Perhaps controversially though I think I actually prefer the side of the gardens I usually enter from near the Ginger garden and National Orchid garden.  Although the Eco lake area was lovely and very peaceful.  I suspect future visits will see me favour that half of the gardens over this half if I'm honest but it was a lovely stroll around one of my favourite parts of Singapore.

If you've missed any of my previous Red Dot Roaming posts, take a look here, don't forget to let me know if you think there is somewhere I should be visiting.

Botanic Gardens MRT station is on the Circle line (CC19) and Downtown Line (DT9).


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