Exploring the City with a City Nomads Card

I'm sure if you live in Singapore you'll have come across City Nomads, the online guide to what's on across the city’s best restaurants, bars, shopping, cultural and nightlife scene.  You may also know as well that they recently launched the City Nomads card to bring some great offers to those members who sign up for the card.

Image courtesy of City Nomads

I was invited along to the recent launch party for the card at Tamarind Hill, Labrador Park which was a great night.  The restaurant also looks like a great place to try at some point by the way.  

So how does it work I hear you ask?

Each month City Nomads will feature a carefully selected (City Nomad card members only) list of their personally approved places with promotions of up to 50% off.  There will also be a few chosen partners with longer term collaborations as well as special invitation access to private events plus free and/or discounts on ticketed events.  By the way only a limited number of membership cards will be circulated so you really will be in an elite crowd and you'd better think about applying for one soon!

Cardholder Benefits

- Savings of up to over $500 every month – you’ll likely recoup the cost of Membership card after only 3-4 uses

- Up to 30% off a curated list of the city’s best restaurants and bars, including all food and drink for Nomad member and friends up to a group of 6

- 15% off handpicked fashion and lifestyle boutiques

- 10% upwards discount on theatre and show tickets

- Up to 50% off at tried and tested spas, yoga studios and beauty outlets

- Special invitation access to private events plus free and/or discounts on ticketed events through the weekly Nomad Card newsletter

- Preferential prices on City Nomads events (ie: whisky and wine club, dining events)

How To Get Your Hands On One!

1. Subscribe
Go online and check out the Members section of the City Nomads website and select the payment plan that best suits you to become a Nomad member.

1 year membership: $216 nett ($18 per month)

6 months membership: $132 nett ($22 per month)

3 months membership: $84 nett ($28 per month)

2. Receive the card
As soon as you subscribe, you’ll receive an e-card so you can get going on enjoying your membership while your physical Nomad card wings its way to you in the post.

3. Check out the Members’ offers online 
Feast your eyes on the monthly privileges and offers and start planning your hit list with your friends.

4. Go and enjoy!
Get discovering all the cool spots and happenings around town and enjoy the offers by flashing your card at partner outlets!

Having learnt a little more about the card at the launch party I've opted, initially, to buy a three month card, which I think is a great way to try it out to see how much you'll use it.  Hopefully I'll be putting it to lots of use and can share some of my experiences with you here too.

Go try it out for yourself today.


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