What are you Doing for Earth Hour 2013?

Earth Hour 2013 is this Saturday, 23 March.  It will be marked at The Float @ Marina Bay from 4.30pm with a load of events and performances, a kinetic dance-out and at 8.30pm the turn-off of Singapore's skyline for one hour.

This year the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is encouraging Singapore to make four lifestyle changes - reduce the use of plastic bags, turn up their air-conditioning by one degree, switch to energy efficient LED lights and take short showers.  As you can see from the poster (below) some corporate partners have already issued challenges to the Singapore public through the Earth Hour, 'I Will if you Will' platform for three of these key actions.  

The 'I Will if You Will' challenge encourages people to make a difference by offering something in return for others doing something to help the environment.  If you want to get involved and create your own challenge you can still do so and pledge your action on the Earth Hour website.

More information about Earth Hour in Singapore, what will be happening, how you can pledge your 'I Will if You Will' challenge and what else you can do to get involved can be found on their website.

Earth Hour 2013 - Saturday 23 March - 8.30pm


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