Earth Hour 2013

Saturday 23 March was Earth Hour 2013 and after I'd finished work I went along to The Float @ Marina Bay to be a part of this year's event.  The events actually began at 4.30pm but I wasn't able to get there until about three quarters of hour before the lights went off at 8.30pm.  When I arrived there was a sizable crowd already there, many of them families enjoying various performances on the stage area.

Preparing for lights off

Preparing for lights off

It wasn't long though before the countdown began and the lights around the Marina Bay area gradually went off.  Initially I was a little surprised that there still appeared to be lights on in some areas, I was expecting a total black out.  Of course I soon realised those were lights in hotel rooms or individual offices. I hope that for that weekend in the offices at least only essential lighting was left on and that other lighting was turned off at the close of business on Friday.  Once I appreciated this it was strange to see that part of Singapore so relatively unlit for a change (compare my perform and during photos of the CBD area for example) and, in the case of Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and the Singapore Flyer, for them to be in practically complete darkness.

Earlier in the afternoon some of those attending had been encouraged to take part in a kinetic dance-out with the aim being to generate enough power to show the film The Lorax at the end of the evening.  The challenge was successfully completed and whilst the lights were still dimmed the film began, taking those attending to the end of the evening's events.  

I admit that although I'd heard about Earth Hour previously, until this year I'd not really take a lot of interest in it and when it was.  I hope perhaps now I've witnessed it it will make me think more about how my actions impact on the planet and encourage me to make some changes where I can.

Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience museum

Central Business District

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

Marina Bay Financial Centre


  1. I agree we were there last yr and was surprised that more lights weren't turned off. Good night though and planning to go again this weekend

    1. I didn't manage to get there this year, were more lights turned off?


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