Brunch at Senso

UPDATE - July 2020, this restaurant has now closed.

I've said it before but enjoying brunch seems to be an incredibly popular way in Singapore to spend your weekend.  A couple of weekends ago we did just that ourselves in celebration of a friend's birthday.  We returned to a place in Chinatown we've visited before for brunch, Senso on Club Street. 

Senso is housed in a beautiful building which, from looking at their website, I understand is a former convent.  On our last visit my husband and I were talking about what a lovely building it was and how wonderful it would be to live in.  In our dreams sadly!   There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas.  The outdoor part being in a beautiful courtyard (a space just perfect for al fresco dining) and definitely our preferred space for sitting in, surrounded by pillars, a few sculptures and sheltered from the sun.

The restaurant serves Italian food so naturally brunch is Italian too and begins with an array of starters which you go and help yourself to.  This, of course, includes pasta dishes, various cold meats, salads, bread and so on.  This time I enjoyed this part so much that I went up twice but I'm afraid I was enjoying it too much to get a photo!

After you've had your fill of starters there are (as you can see in the menu photo above) a number of pasta dishes and mains to choose from.  You simply order what you like the sound of.  As we've always been here in a fairly large group we've generally ordered one of everything and then ordered another round of any we've particularly enjoyed. 

Grilled chicken leg with roasted potato and thyme sauce

Finally, of course, there is dessert which as with the starters you go and help yourself.  This includes pannacotta, cheesecakes, macaroons (which I finally tried for the first time here!) and a whole variety of other tasty little treats.  Again I was too busy eating to get any photos though! 

As well as the restaurant I noticed there is also a separate bar area.  I've not been in that part but it looks like it would be a great place for some pre or post dinner drinks if you were eating there in the evening.  This is another great little brunch find here in Singapore and well worth considering next time you are contemplating somewhere new for your next brunch date. 


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