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Sometime before Christmas (November actually - ahem) I got nominated by Dear Diary (unfortunately no longer an active blog) for another Liebster Blog Award.  If you've read my previous post as a result of my nomination by Gourmande Travels you will know I sort of bent the rules a bit and didn't nominate anyone else, just answering the questions posed.  I did that because it seemed every blog I read had already been nominated but I still liked the idea of sharing some random things about me here and answering the questions posed.

Well following my second nomination I've been meaning to take the time to answer those questions too and here, finally, are my answers.  Officially I'm also supposed to give you eleven random facts about me too but I did that last time and to be honest I don't know if I could find another eleven more truly interesting things to share!

1) What’s your favourite spot in your home?

I love sitting in the armchair nearest our balcony whilst looking out of the French doors.  Now we are on a lower floor in our condo our view isn't amazing but I just enjoy the peacefulness of looking at the sky and clouds and watching the birds in the trees nearby.

2) What do you love about your mom and what do you love about your dad?

I think I'll give a joint answer for this one.  I love that they always know the right things to say to me when I'm feeling a little down (even now I'm married and living on the other side of the world) and that I know they'd do anything to help me out if they could.

3) What is the one thing you like about your body?

I'm not much of one for singing my praises but I guess my eyes, just because I've been paid a few compliments about them in the past so I guess they must be OK.

4) If you had a perfect day what would it be like?

I think the day would have to take place somewhere a little cooler than Singapore as I envisage the weather being cold but it being a crisp day (maybe with a touch of frost) with a beautiful blue sky.  I'd start the day with a brunch style breakfast in a local cafe, then go for a long walk in the countryside finished off with a delicious meal in a country pub in the middle of nowhere and a couple of glasses of wine.  After this I'd be happy to while away the rest of the day sat by a roaring fire with, maybe, another glass or two of wine, good company and some great TV or a DVD.

5) What goals do you have for 2013?

I think I got a little complacent about living in Singapore last year, particularly after I started working and didn't have as much free time as I obviously had before.  So this year I want to make the time to get out there and discover parts of Singapore I haven't been able to yet.  I know there is plenty still out there to do even when it feels like there isn't.  So far I've been doing pretty well and I have a plan to help me with this which will be revealed here soon.  

6) Complete the following: If I won a million dollars…

I'd take some time out to do some travelling around this part of the world visiting some of the places on my 'wish list' of places to go, invest some of it and give my parents some to treat themselves or do whatever they wanted with.  I like to think I'd still work though (when I worked full time I always imagined if I won the lottery working part time instead but as I now do I guess I'd keep the job I'm doing) just to give me some purpose still and ensure I kept my feet on the ground.

7) Who inspires you?

My husband, parents and all my amazing friends.

8) Your favourite food where you are living now

I like a lot of different things but I've recently fallen in love with murtabak.

9) Morning or night person

I like both but I guess maybe mornings slightly more.  I love being up really early, getting to mid-morning and being chuffed with all I've managed to get done.  When I was a student and worked shifts at a petrol station if I was working mornings I had to start at 5.30am (well we opened up at 6am but had to get there before to prepare for opening).  At one stage I was about the only one doing early's as I was the only one who could be relied upon to get up and be on time.  

10) What book are you currently reading?

The Law of Angels - Cassandra Clark, my Mum passed it on to me.

11) Do you like to cook?

I am officially the world's worst cook.  I love watching cookery programmes, eating and trying out all the amazing food my husband cooks (thankfully he is a much better cook than me but bless him for eating my efforts) but sadly that love has failed to make an impression on my own cookery skills.  My Grandma was and my Mum is a great cook but that part of the gene pool clearly wasn't passed on to me!


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