Breakfast at Lau Pa Sat

Before heading off to OH! Open House 2013 the other weekend, my husband and I decided to have breakfast in Lau Pa Sat for a complete change.  He was travelling that afternoon for work and I knew would have left by the time I got home from seeing Open House.  As I work Saturdays, Sundays tend to be the only day we get to spend some quality time together with neither of us working (if he isn't away) so going for breakfast seemed like a good way to achieve that.  We were there soon after 9am which I think is the earliest I've ever been in a hawker centre/food court and not unexpectedly it was pretty empty.  Though it may also have been more empty than usual as it was a Sunday morning.

There were only a few stalls open but still a good variety of choices.  In the end Indian food seemed like a good idea and we settled for murtabak.  Murtabak, in case you don't know, is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread found in various countries.  In Singapore it is usually filled with mutton, chicken or beef and garlic, egg and onion and served with curry sauce.  The ingredients do vary depending on where you go though and in Indonesia you can apparently also get sweet versions too.

I'm not certain but I think our murtabak may even have come from the same stall that I had curry from on a previous visit to Lau Pa Sat.  Either way though it was very good and hit the spot perfectly.  My husband and I had thought about having one each initially but on seeing the size of it opted to share one instead.  I'm so glad we did as I was more than satisfied by the time we'd eaten.

As well as the murtabak no trip to the hawker centre/food court would be complete without a kopi.  Something we do frequently on Sunday mornings at our local food court (although usually a little later in the morning).  Our kopi at Lau Pa Sat was served in these beautiful cups and saucers.  I believe these are in the style of the traditional design that were used in kopitiams in Singapore.  A lovely relaxed way to start our Sunday and spend some time together.


  1. All looks very tasty, but what is kopi? It looks chocolatey.

    1. Kopi is coffee, there are various types including the following:

      kopi oh = hot black coffee (sweetened)
      kopi oh peng = iced black coffee (sweetened)
      kopi oh kosong = hot black coffee (unsweetened)
      kopi oh kosong peng = iced black coffee (unsweetened)
      kopi = Coffee with condensed milk (sweetened)
      kopi peng - iced White coffee (sweetened)
      kopi 'c' - hot coffee with evaporated milk (sweetened)
      kopi 'c' kosong - hot coffee with evaporated milk (unsweetened)
      kopi 'c' peng - iced coffee with evaporated milk (sweetened)

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! I'm Singaporean presently living in London and am ashamed to say I know only kopi oh, kopi oh kosong, kopi c .. and, of course, kopi. Oh, oh, wait .. one more .. kopi siew tai (coffee with only a little condensed milk), my coffee of choice.
    I read Singapore blogs from time to time to administer to my bouts of homesickness .. so, thanks a lot for your blog!

    1. Can't say I've tried all of those, I tend to stick to the same few options ;)

      Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it has helped to ease your homesickness just a little.


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