I love trying new food and recently became aware of rambutans.  A tropical fruit which seems to be currently available everywhere in Singapore.  I heard of them through friends and my husband who were either already confirmed fans or had tried them and loved them.  So I knew I had to get some to try too.

Rambutans are closely related to lychees and once you get the outside skin off look very similar.  Though there is a large pip in the rambutan, unlike in a lychee.  I was a bit nervous on my first try, but in comparison to my durian experience, lets just say rambutans are a thousand times nicer in my opinion!  They were sweet, similar in texture to lychees, and what, to me, fruit should taste like.  I'd happily eat rambutans at any opportunity whereas I think durian was a once in a lifetime moment.

Slightly under ripe bag of rambutans from a stall near our condo

The only downside I can find is that bits of the pip inside seem to get stuck to the fruit and you end up eating bits of the pip too.  To me this is what I imagine it would be like to eat slithers of wood.  I did wonder at first if it was my poor peeling skills or because I was eating slightly under ripe rambutans but I gather from others this does happen.  Needless to say I seem to spend a lot of time picking these little bits of pip off the fruit.  Despite that though it's a small inconvenience to pay for enjoying these delicious fruit.


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