Cooking Demo at ToTT

I'd been to Tools of the Trade (ToTT) before when I attended a Makansutra cookery course and I was recently invited to go back there to attend a local chef's (Jimmy Chok) cookery demonstration and workshop.  Jimmy Chok has worked in a variety of Singapore's top restaurant kitchens, including Raffles hotel as well as owning his own restaurant here.  Our location for the morning must be heaven to anyone with an interest in cooking, with a huge shop selling a variety of kitchen gadgets as well as the opportunity to regularly watch a variety of cooking demonstrations or get involved and hands on if you prefer.

I'm not, by my own admission, the world's greatest cook or someone who finds inspiration in the most basic of ingredients to produce something amazing.  However I do enjoy watching cookery programmes, in the hope that I'll suddenly find that inspiration and become a genius in the kitchen.  I also enjoy eating the end results of someone else's culinary genius (who doesn't).  So I was interested to see a chef in action.

The cookery demonstration I attended was organised by the magazine Simply Her so the majority of those in attendance were ladies, but there were a few men there too.  The theme for the demonstration being Asian fusion cooking, chef Jimmy Chok prepared Sambal Terasi with Slow Cooked Salmon, Chicken Roll with Saute Mushroom in Chinese Wine Pepper Sauce and Phyllo Pastry Banana Chocolate Roll.  He made it all look very effortless as he talked through the cooking methods and answered the questions being asked of him by the audience.  The most interesting part for me though was watching him completely debone a whole chicken, though I can't see me personally ever attempting that one! 

I didn't actually manage to sample any of the dishes that were prepared in the end (too many people all trying to get a little taster) but they looked good.  It was an enjoyable morning but I have to admit after watching someone cooking for a couple of hours by the time we left I was very ready for some lunch.

ToTT offer regular cookery demonstration workshops as well as hands on workshops too.  If you enjoy cooking or perhaps enjoy watching others cook (like me) it's worth checking their website for details of the events on offer.

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