Diamond Jubilee

This past weekend has been one of those where I would have loved to be back in the UK.  Just in case you've missed it the Queen has been celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and the UK has been partying hard with a four day holiday, street parties, pageants, a concert and much pomp.  Thankfully all the main events have been shown on one of the BBC channels I can access here so I haven't completely missed out.  Though it has meant some late nights with the time difference.

Unlike when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married last year there didn't seem to be much celebration in Singapore.  Though I did spot the Singapore flag on one of the boats taking part in the flotilla on the Thames and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting Singapore later this year as part of the celebrations.

In recognition of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee here are a few videos from the weekend.  Enjoy and congratulations Your Majesty!

The River Pageant

Diamond Jubilee Concert Closing Fireworks

Jubilee Tuesday


  1. As an American, I am fascinated by royalty and all the ceremony that goes on around them. And of course, I think the Duchess of Cambridge has the best style.

    By the way, hello from California! Hope you guys are doing well.

    1. The Duchess of Cambridge has definitely added a new appeal to them.

      Hi to you both too, we are well thanks. Hope you are, I'm enjoying reading about what you are doing now you are back in California.

  2. It was a great weekend. We certainly know how to put on a ceremony and I love the pomp. The only down side was the weather, which has continued awful.

    1. I loved watching it all and was so glad to find it on over here. The weather did look awful though so I think those who stayed at home to watch it did the right thing!


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