Prelude @ The Boathouse

UPDATE - July 2020, there is still a bar and restaurant there but it's now under new management with a new name. The link below takes you to the new bar/restaurant website.

Once again my husband has taken the reins, so to speak, and written a little piece for me to share with you.  Over to him ....

During our time in Singapore, and given the usually far from inclement weather, we have on occasion partaken in one or two beverages on one of the many rooftop bars in the Lion City. Therefore when searching for a venue for a Saturday evening beer recently I gravitated towards another open air experience. The plan was to have a couple of sundowners and then go for something to eat at a Japanese restaurant that Laura has dined in before, it’s called Kinki (near Customs House) in the Marina Bay area, so I selected Prelude, at the Fullerton Hotel’s Boathouse.

However a spanner was thrown into the works when the restaurant was fully booked (as it has been on every occasion I have attempted to go) but we went to the bar anyway. The Boathouse is situated across the road from the Fullerton Hotel, at the end of the Anderson Bridge (it would be a great place to watch F1 cars from, but I guess it would be very corporate on race night). Prelude, is on the roof of the building (only three floors up) and there is a restaurant on the second floor. The range of drinks was excellent with good promotions up until 8pm (a pint for the price of a half). I had a pint of Erdinger with Laura plumping (not for the first time and probably not the last) for a Delboy-esque cocktail. The views across the Marina bay and to the CBD area are spectacular, particularly as the sun is setting. The bar was pretty quiet when we arrived (at about 6:30pm) but quickly filled up as time advanced but was never rowdy.

Whilst in the bar and tweeting photos of the view a friend (and fellow blogger) mentioned that they had a similar view and we realised they were in the Lantern Bar, Fullerton Bay Hotel, so we popped over to that roof top bar for a quick hello.  This bar was much more hectic than Prelude and we ended up stood by the bar. Mojitos were ordered prior to going for a bite to eat on Club Street (Spizza, where the dishes have girl’s names). This particular branch is no longer open though there are others across Singapore.

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