The King of Fruits

I finally did it, I tried durian.  I'm not going to beat about the bush I didn't enjoy it at all.  I'd previously tried some durian flavoured sweets which were not good.  However I was prepared to try the real thing as well, just in case.

Well I thought the sweets were bad but the actual fruit was no better.  Its only saving grace was that the taste did not linger in my mouth as long as the taste from the sweets did.  I can't explain the taste to anyone who has not had it but it really was like nothing I've ever tried before.  It isn't a taste that as a Westerner I'm used to and I suppose trying it as an adult therefore makes it hard to become accustomed to and to actually like it.  I don't know either whether buying it ready prepared is the best way to try it and if you should, in fact, buy the fruit and prepare it yourself.  However I was not sure how to prepare it and also I could not bare the thought of the smell lingering in our flat. 

Near to us is a fruit shop that sells both the fruit and prepared packs, best of all you can sit there and eat it which is what we did.  We did not eat much I'm afraid and another man already at the shop gained as he got the rest of our pack of durian when we decide we could eat no more.

I will not be having it again but I could not live here either without trying it.  At least I can now say with confidence that yes I've tried it but no I don't like it.

I'm sure even the shop's pet cockatoo thought we were mad for trying durian


  1. You are move brave than many big European/American men. Although I must add that there's a difference between $5 durians and $50 durians. But then again... if you can't put one near your nose you probably can't put another one in your mouth.

    Try smelly beancurd in HK next time~ That's another challenge!~

  2. Yes I imagine there is a difference between the quality of cheap and expensive durians, although I'm not sure I'd like it any better.

    Thanks for the tip on beancurd - this will have to be investigated.

  3. Good on you for trying it though! As a Singaporean I'm not crazy about durian although I love eating mangosteen. If I do have durian it has to be ice cold, not fresh and warm. Yuck.

  4. Thanks, I tried mangosteen too recently for the first time and that was so much nicer! The durian we tried was room temperature but I'm not sure even if I had it ice cold my opinion would change. Despite a friend suggesting we should try it again, I'm not convinced.

  5. Havent gotten up the nerve yet. The smell puts me off.

  6. I don't totally object to the smell, we have neighbours who eat it a lot so it often fills our flat, but the taste is a whole different thing. I agree though to put it anywhere near your mouth you need to be OK with the smell at least.


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