Food Glorious Food and Emerald Hill

In keeping with my chili crab adventure, and as Singapore is a foodies heaven, I spent Saturday afternoon in the most amazing restaurant enjoying an all you can eat champagne brunch with friends to celebrate a birthday.

The restaurant is called Mimolette and is fabulous, it is near the old Turf Club near the highest point in Singapore, Bukit Timah.  As it was near the old Turf Club as someone who also adores horses this was an additional bonus to the afternoon as I got to see some.  The first I've seen since moving here in July in fact.  I think I can include that in my list of things I miss seeing - animals, i.e. horses, cows sheep etc. in fields.

Unfortunately getting there was a bit of a trek as our taxi driver took us close but to the wrong place, as we hadn't been there before we didn't realise this and of course there were no other taxi's to be had.  We weren't that far away but far enough when walking it in the midday heat, the air conditioning was very welcome when we did arrive.  As I said the restaurant is near the highest point in Singapore and I think we must have climbed that getting there (I've forgotten what hills are) but it was definitely worth the slight inconvenience.

The restaurant itself is almost colonial in style with some great old fashioned looking cabinets, candle sticks and general decor and is set in a fantastic location right in the country away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The food was lovely, as much champagne as we could drink (and we did) and the brunch options included, pasta dishes, croque monsieur, croque madam, eggs benedict, eggs florentine, corn beef hash, side orders of bacon, frites, sausages, eggs cooked every way you can imagine and to round it off delicious desserts including, crepes, waffles and doughnuts amongst other things.  I hadn't eaten prior to going so I definitely did it justice being very hungry but I couldn't eat another thing for the rest of the day. 

On Sunday we stopped by Emerald Hill (just off the main shopping road, Orchard Road) as I wanted to see the old fashioned Peranakan shophouse buildings in the day and not just after frequenting the bars in the area on a Friday night.  There are a number of these style of houses around the island but these ones are mentioned in all the guidebooks as being particularly worth a look.  We wandered right up the road away from the shophouses nearest Orchard Road that have been converted into bars and to the houses that are still lived in.  It was so quiet there it was hard to believe we were so close to Orchard Road but they were beautiful and worth wandering up to see.  There was one for sale or rent and the estate agents were there marketing it that afternoon, I overheard them telling another couple this particular house was on the market for $17 million.  I'd love to have the chance to live in one of them but at those prices that will have to stay a lovely dream and I'll just have to keep on admiring them from afar!


  1. Brunch sounds fab and should always be helped down with champagne.


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