The First Month

I've been here just over a month now and had some great experiences so far which besides those I've already written about also includes the limited and bizarre at times TV viewing, several excellent nights out for drinks (some where I definitely had a little too much alcohol) and much more but of course in the background is my quest to find a job.

It isn't proving easy, though it is early days I admit and I haven't been solidly hunting throughout this last month either.  At the moment it is the usual rejections or not hearing anything at all.  If and when I get an interview you'll all be the first to know!!

Unfortunately there seem to be specific areas of industry and commerce where they want and are very keen to get foreign talent and whilst there is nothing wrong with that it makes it harder for me to find a job as I don't fall into those categories.  Unlike the UK I can't get myself a job in a shop or bar to tide me over as there are plenty of permanent residents able to do those roles so the appropriate work visa won't be granted to me.  The novelty of not working (despite all the plus sides) is wearing off a little as I unfortunately can't go shopping in Orchard Road (the main shopping area) each day.

Though I was aware this was likely to be the case before I came I guess I was probably a little in denial and only now I'm experiencing it do I really appreciate this.  So all I can do is keep on looking and find plenty of inexpensive or free activities to keep me entertained and of course keep you updated with in between.  Who knows maybe by the end of month two I'll have some positive news regarding my job hunt - fingers crossed!!


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