Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road

Everyone loves going on a shopping spree now and again, don't they? Well last Saturday evening saw us head down to Orchard Road for something just a little bit different, the start of their latest series of pedestrian nights. The perfect opportunity to shop until you drop and enjoy an array of entertainment on a section of Orchard Road especially closed off for the evening to traffic.

Pedestrian nights on Orchard Road will be taking place monthly until the end of the year on the first Saturday of every month with a different theme each time. The section of road between Scotts Road and Bideford Road will be closed between 6pm and 11pm for you to maximise your shopping fun, enjoy all the entertainment and, of course, by being closed to traffic making it all just that little bit easier to get to all the malls and do all the shopping!

Last Saturday's theme was all about the 'Flash Sales' with a whole host of amazing, one night only deals from various shops and malls to be had. Several malls also extended their opening hours for the evening. Along the closed section of Orchard Road shoppers were able to enjoy live music, buskers and a whole load of other entertainment as well. Future pedestrian nights will doubtless also offer up just as many amazing shopping deals, competitions and some great entertainment too.

The next pedestrian night takes place on the 1 August 2015 and will be an SG50 themed 'Red and White' party. Orchard Road will be getting into the party spirit by celebrating Singapore's pioneers, stories and national milestones from 1965 up to the current day through the Pioneer Portraits initiative. This will be launched at August's Pedestrian Night and will feature various pieces of bespoke art by local talents from a range of creative disciplines and backgrounds. 

Taking the chance to walk on Orchard Road

The September event on the 5 September 2015 will celebrate everything fast and furious with a 'Rev-up on Orchard', there will be a 'Family Fiesta' with a range of activities for the whole family on the 3 October 2015, 'Fashion with Friends and Family' on the 7 November 2015 and they'll be wrapping up the year with 'Christmas on A Great Street' on the 5 December 2015.

By the way, if you were there last Saturday, did you know there is an Instagram contest you can take part in with the possibility of winning an Instax SHARE printer bundle worth $250? Just simply upload your photo with the theme, 'You and Your Best Buy @ Pedestrian Night', hashtag, #PedestrianNight to be in with a chance.   

For the latest information about the next and future Pedestrian Nights check out the Orchard Road website, their Facebook page or Instagram at 


  1. This is pretty cool! I've grown to really love pedestrian streets since moving to Paris, they close down one of the banks of the Seine on the weekends and it's so nice to walk around.

    1. Yeah this was good fun. Closing down one of the banks of the Seine sounds lovely though.

  2. looks so much nicer than usual! Always find orchard road so frustrating as you can hardly cross the road anywhere! More places should be pedestrianized

    1. Agreed it is difficult to cross Orchard Road usually - it was fun to be able to walk right down the middle of the road.


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