February - Red #worldcolors #worldcolours

Month two of this fun project for 2013 is already here and this time the colour is red.  

Red flower in the Botanic Gardens
Shrine - Hong Kong

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Chinatown
Balinese coffee

Chinatown stall during Chinese New Year

Sentosa Flowers display from 2012

The Gate (2007) - Li Hui, China - i Light Marina Bay 2012

Jug of sangria - Marbella, Spain

River Hongbao 2013

Traditional British telephone box - Jurong Bird Park
Elephant Parade - Hellaphunt - Ricky Gervais - Singapore 2011

Lanterns for Chinese New Year - Fullerton Hotel

Post box in Singapore

The Art of the Brick exhibition

If you missed January's post take a look here, there are also details of how you can get involved as well, if you would like too.


  1. Doing colours is a good idea. Have you already planned your colours in advance? so if you are out and about you can get ahead of yourself.

    1. Yes all the colours have been planned for each month by the ladies who organised it, (you can get involved if you want - I can let you have the details) next month is green.

    2. I think I will leave the colours for now. I am doing the 365 project - one photo a day and also keeping up with my photography course, but perhaps next year I will do something different.

    3. I hope you can, your photography is great!


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