Ladies Night at Ying Yang Rooftop Bar

UPDATE - July 2020, this rooftop bar is now closed, the hotel is still there though so maybe they have an alternate spot for an evening out in Chinatown.

I was recently invited along to the launch of a ladies night at the Ying Yang rooftop bar on the top of the Club Hotel in Chinatown.  

With the generally expensive price of alcohol in Singapore, these nights and other happy hour type events/promotions feature prominently in many bars and are a good way to enjoy a cheaper night out.  Ying Yang bar have launched their own Ladies Night which is being held every Thursday evening and ladies can enjoy happy hour prices all night long.*   

Typically, with an invite to a rooftop bar to look forward to, the heavens opened about half an hour before we were due to arrive and rather than a short sharp shower the rain just kept on pouring down.  Despite that though the bar staff erected a load of umbrellas over the exposed tables and sofas and continually swept up as much of the excess water as possible.  So I don't think the rain dampened anyone's spirits too much.  Eventually the rain ceased and the night got into full swing with drinks, food, DJ's and plenty of fun for all the ladies.  This included sampling some shots of a drink that is meant to ensure you wake up the next day without a hangover.  I sampled the shots and was fine the next morning but I'm not going to say that was thanks to the drink.  I had to be up early for work the next day and so didn't intend on drinking a large amount that night.  Let me know though if you've truly put it to the test and it worked!

This rooftop bar is a little smaller than some I've been to in Singapore but that makes for a cosier atmosphere when you are sharing a few drinks with good friends.  Of course you also get a view of the Singapore skyline too and in our case a free spectacular lightening show which continued long after the rain had stopped.

*Terms and Conditions apply, available only whilst stocks last

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Thank you to (no longer operating) for the kind invitation.


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