Pita Pan

UPDATE - July 2020, this restaurant is now closed.

Following my recent visit to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the ArtScience museum I was then invited to enjoy lunch at Pita Pan afterwards.  A healthy dining option conveniently just besides the museum, after walking around all the exhibits I was getting very hungry so it was perfectly positioned.  It is actually somewhere I nearly ate at after a previous visit to the museum but couldn't as they were not open on that occasion, so I was pleased to be finally able to try it out.  The food served here is vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine and in fact we had so much of it I hardly needed to eat again for the rest of the day.

I personally had one of their pita pockets stuffed full with falafels and a variety of salad items from the selection to choose from that was on display.  It was very filling and also very satisfying.  I admit though to ordering a full pocket and if you think this may be too much for you there is the option of ordering a half pocket too.  The restaurant offers a wide variety of fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic drinks to accompany your meal.

Red Shakshuka

I also got to try the red shakshuka with eggs (photo above).  This was nice but with a strong tomato base to it I'm not sure I could eat a whole one by myself, perhaps one to share.  By then though I had already eaten the whole of my pita pocket so I was pretty full!  As well as this we were also given bowls of chips and a yummy Mediterranean platter to share, full of good dips, pita bread and other delights to sample.  I really was full by the time we'd finished eating.  Personally I enjoy this type of food that is good for sharing with friends and for having and trying lots of different dishes altogether.  I really enjoyed my meal and would certainly think about returning here again.

Mediterranean Platter

Pita Pocket

Pita Pan opens daily from 9am to 12 midnight, Sunday to Thursday, and 9am to 2am on Friday and Saturday.

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Thank you Marina Bay and Pita Pan for the kind invitation.


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