Soon Be Back in The Lion City

Well after what seems like a very long time (though it has only been just over two months) I'm returning back to Singapore next Saturday.  I am so looking forward to it though I know that now I've been home so long I'm going to find it harder to leave, particularly as I know my parents have enjoyed having me back and living under their roof again.  I know though that within days of getting back and in my routine I'll feel like I've never been away and talking to my parents on Skype will be the norm once more.  Although I am really going to miss my parents cats and they just don't get Skype!

I've now pretty much done the last few family and friend farewells, apart from immediate family.  I've ensured that all the clothes I bought over with me come back with me and that those I left in the UK, due to them being far too warm to wear in Singapore, (but have been god sends whilst I've been home) remain in the UK.  Thanks Mum for washing and ironing anything that is left ready for my next trip back!

Wedding wise I've pretty much achieved everything I wanted to do before I left and I now have my plan of action for what I can do whilst I'm back in Singapore.  Then when I return back to the UK later in the year everything will really be all systems go, I cannot wait!

As any expat will do I've also ensured I've stocked up on a few things you can't get (or at least aren't exactly like you know and love) in Singapore.  This also includes things people have given me to bring back, I just can't say no!  So much so that I've had to ask my fiance to use a bigger suitcase so that hopefully some bits can be put in his for the return journey.  I know I won't get it all back this time so some bits are going to have to wait until I'm back again.

The essentials include several toiletries / make up brands that although you can get alternate versions of in Singapore it is nice to stock up on my favourites whilst I can.  I've also bought an Easter egg for my fiance in the UK, Cadbury's of course as the chocolate tastes a whole lot better than the version that you get in Singapore.  I just hope it survives the journey, hopefully with some careful packing it should.  Although I'm trying to get back into good habits I'm sure with the opportunity to buy a few treats from home I will no doubt succumb and buy something for the suitcase (though so far I have not given in to temptation and stocked up).

Thanks for having me back Blighty, its been fun and I'm glad that temperature wise it did finally warm up a little.  It has been lovely to have time to see my friends several times and not have to cram it all in.  I've also managed to see family I've not seen for a long while which has been lovely especially as it will be the wedding before I see them again.  Take care of yourself and I'll see you again later in the year but for now Singapore is calling me back!


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