The Cider Pit

Yes I'm back and really pleased to be.  The flight was as good as a long haul flight can be, well actually better than that as we got upgraded to Business Class for the final leg of the journey.  It was my first experience of flying anything but Economy and how could I not enjoy it?  I definitely had the best sleep I've ever had on a flight.  We landed about 2pm (local time) and were in a taxi and on our way home by 2.25pm - the efficiency of Changi Airport.  So it's time for me now to get back out there doing new things and enjoying the city so that I continue to share it here.

Yesterday evening we met up with friends for a drink and something to eat and went to, I guess, what you'd describe more as a pub than a bar called The Cider Pit on Joo Chiat Road.  My fiance and friends had been there previously and it came highly recommended by them.  It is owned by a British expat who also owns a great beer, cider and wine shop a little further up Joo Chiat Road called East of Avalon Wines.  Here you can get lots of different UK beers and ciders that are generally harder to find else where in Singapore.   

The pub is definitely a lot more relaxed feeling, fairly intimate as it is only small and I guess fairly basic in design but, by Singapore standards, also relatively cheap.  You can only buy beer, cider or soft drinks here and a limited range of bar snacks.  It is set back from the road in what appears to be a little courtyard and as you enter on your right is a seafood stall and The Cider Pit is in the further right hand corner.  It is an outdoor bar but has plenty of parasols to shade under from heat or a sudden downpour.  It plays (or at least it was last night) a very eclectic range of music.  Last night it ranged from jazz, everything else in between and right up to 90's Indie classics.  My friend commented that it reminded him of listening to my iPod on shuffle (I too have very eclectic tastes) and yes I have to be honest some of the songs played I truly only imagined I'd hear on my iPod whilst in Singapore. 

After enjoying a cider we headed further up Joo Chiat Road to enjoy a meal of thunder tea rice.  Something that I've written about previously and you can read that here, Thunder Tea Rice.  A lovely relaxed evening and hopefully we'll be heading back to The Cider Pit again before long.

Update 11 January 2013

The Cider Pit is still serving a great selection of ciders, beers and yummy food but has now moved a little further up Joo Chiat Road into one of the shophouses.  So if you are going and didn't realise - it's not gone just relocated a little! 


  1. The Cider Pit sounds like a cozy and intimate place to check out :) I'm surprised (in a delighted way, of course) to see that you're a fan of the thunder tea rice. It's a Hakka dish that not many Singaporeans can appreciate but I certainly enjoy its unique blend of flavours. Plus, it's said to be a very healthy dish! Awesome :)

  2. I really like Thunder Tea Rice I'm just sorry that even when I ask for less rice I can never finish it as I always find it so filling.

  3. will definitely go there to get Cider! I've been looking for it for months in singapore but cant get it anywhere...

  4. Hey Laura,

    Have you been to Old Empire Gastrobar at River Valley Rd and the PIT at Holland Village? They both have an impressive range of ciders as well eg Brothers, Thatchers, Kopparberg.

  5. Thanks, I haven't been to either of those places so I'll have to investigate them sometime.


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