A Good Old Pub Quiz - Singapore Style!

I recently had the opportunity to go to a pub quiz here in Singapore.  I really enjoy pub quizzes so when I was invited along I was more than happy to go.  The quiz was being held in a pub called Turnstyles on Circular Road behind Boat Quay.

The Turnstyles bar is a sports bar which I must have walked by many times but until I was invited to the quiz I don't think I even knew the bar was there.  The bar is run by a couple of English expats and by the sounds of it the pub quiz on Tuesday evenings is something of an institution.  The other main selling point for the bar is that even with only two staff (one behind the bar and one on the floor) on a very busy night there were no excessive delays in servings drinks to customers.  Something that is a bit of a rarity in Singapore!  The excellent service is mentioned on their website as a reason to come along and at the end of the quiz the guys running it asked us all to show our appreciation to the staff by asking us where else in Singapore would you get service like it?  True very true! 

There is no food cooked on the premises but bar staff will take food orders and place them with the Irish bar across the road.  This makes the speed of service even more impressive when the waitress was running back and forth between the two bars.  Obviously on the night I went along they were not showing any sports coverage but from the look of what was coming up they show a good variety of things including football and cricket.

So to the quiz, we did not win but we did not come last either and I think I earned my place and justified my invite with a couple of decent answers (which were thankfully correct too!)  It was good natured with out being too competitive even when teams did disagree with the official answer.  I get the feeling some teams attend regularly (including the team I was a member of) but if you wanted to go along and join in no one would mind either.  Best of all it was free to enter and had some decent prizes up for grabs.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to attend again soon.


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