Red Dot Roaming - Khatib MRT - Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

I'm still on the letter 'k' for my Red Dot Roaming exploring of Singapore as I've discovered a lot of great places to visit right on the doorstep of MRT stations beginning with that letter. Next up was a visit to the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park just a short walk from Khatib MRT station.

The Lower Seletar reservoir was completed in 1986, previous to that the Seletar river ran through the area with forests, plantations and farms on its banks. Sometimes I'd love to be able to time travel to get a glimpse of how places used to look. The park is a relatively small and peaceful space so is easy to enjoy in its entirety in an afternoon.

Looking towards a golf course which is not part of the park

On the day I visited the first section of the park, a sheltered part, nearest the junction of Yishun Avenue 1 and Yishun Avenue 2 was cordoned off and it looked like some work was being done on that part. However a short walk further along Yishun Avenue 1 and I was in the park. As I walked along admiring the, quite frankly, huge reservoir to my right (sometimes it's hard to believe such massive expanses of water can be found in Singapore) I noticed there was a water venture centre in the park. Here you can rent out kayaks, I didn't, anyone who knows me well would be far more surprised if I said I had, but I noticed a few out in the reservoir that afternoon.

Jetty stretching out into the reservoir - perfect for an afternoon stroll

At the far end of the park was a jetty heading out into the waters of the reservoir. Along the walk were several boards giving you a little history of the reservoir. I also spotted a lizard along here and, of course, plenty of birds. On the afternoon I visited the weather had gone, in that very Singapore way, from a beautifully bright sunny day to rainy and a little cooler, this definitely made it more pleasant to walk around though. It also meant when I got to the end of the jetty and was right into the reservoir (just beyond the white covered part in my photo above) I got to benefit from some wonderfully cooling breezes from off the water, always a plus in Singapore. As well as the fact that the park was pretty much all mine for the afternoon!

Looking back from the jetty

Looking towards a nearby HDB, one of those with a design painted on it

As I was looking back towards the park I noticed the HDB in the photo above, one of many in Singapore with fun and creative designs on them which definitely make them stand out a little more. I also managed to capture a bird in flight in this particular photo which I like too. Later, when I left the park to walk back to the MRT station I saw some further examples of the HDB art which you can see in the last two photos below. All different and all very endearing.

That's a pretty big expanse of water!

Some more examples of HDB art (above and below) on my walk back to the MRT and from the MRT station platform.

It was great to discover another little park in Singapore and one with such a lovely backdrop to it. Singapore is lucky to have so many parks etc. to spend time in outdoors and although this one was not the biggest, if you live near here or fancy seeing another part of the island one weekend this may just suit you.

Khatib MRT is on the North South Line (NS14).

If you missed any of my previous Red Dot Roaming posts, check them out here and let me know if you think there's anywhere else I should be visiting!


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